Monday, December 5, 2011

Veteran of a Thousand Dungeon Crawls: Diablo's The Butcher


Diablo. Not Diablo II. The O.G. Diablo where you had to walk in town. That's right kids, there actually is a Diablo 1. And it was mind blowing. My true love for RPG's and dungeon crawling started when I was twelve years old.  I rolled a wizard and journeyed beneath the plagued Tristram. My fire balls scorched zombies and skeletons alike just to hear that loot hit the cold cobblestone of the catacombs. A ring here, a broken buckler there, and sometimes even a staff with more than 15 charges of chain lighting(a item worthy of duping).

Soon on my quest to kill the evil Lazarus, I came upon a square room filled with monstrosities that no goblin, zombie, or tomb rat could create. Torsos hung from spikes, piles of gore, and heads adorning all corners. Me being a adventurous and courageous wizard  charge into the room only to jump out of my robe and cowl in terror. A giant demon exclaims in a matter of fact way "AHHHHH fresh meat!" Then uses his cleaver to instantly kill me. Good thing I had a trusty town portal a few rooms back.

The Butcher terrified me. It took pure skill to kite the son-of-a-bitch through an entire level to finally kill him and receive the customary Butcher's Clever. It was never any use to an old wizard like me.  The first Diablo is burned into my consciousness and I will never forget moments like taking down the Butcher. 

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