Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Insomniac Blues: Particles and Waves

4am. I contemplate the nature of all things that exist based on waves of energy. My brother-in-law Daniel L. Bauer is a master engineer, Donkey Kong master, theologian, and in his free time serves college students coffee and smoothies. Mr. Bauer explained some quantum mechanics to me. It went like this: let's say you have a particle of energy, well a particle is just a stagnate point that energy turns into when it is observed by humans. 

Basically energy is a formless wave in its natural progression that turns into a dead unmoving particle when humans observe it. That's cool, but who gives a shit? Well everyone should because we are all energy waves in a particular form. Let's say this quantum physics stuff isn't some big brown acid trip thought up by nerds. So without human observation everything is a wave form, but once we open our eyes we think things are permanent, not this ever changing energy. I see myself in the mirror and think I pretty much look the same as the last time I looked in a mirror. Really I am never the same. I am movement. Preservation is futile to the nature of our very make up. How Buddhist some of my old college friends would say to my dismay.

In summation I believe a Deathstar canon is now viable. If we could find a way to destroy particular waves with a giant laser wave, intergalactic control would be ours. The United States should really look into this before the Reds. 

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