Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fistful of Noodles at Ruzhen Mongolian Grill

    The Seattle area is rich with Asian foods. A part of this lush culinary environment is Mongolian grills. If you have not had the graces of a good Mongolian grill, here's the scoop: You wade through a stir-fry ingredient buffet with a bowl to slam dunk the ingredients in. Then the bowl is handed off to a few dudes/dudettes(but usually dudes, no offense ladies) with huge spatulas and a round iron grill. They graciously cook it and slap it on a plate for you.

    Ruzhen Mongolian Grill is next to University of Washington and it is a god send for students. One trip usually equals up to four meals. I saw some scraggly looking students literally stack a bowl almost two feet tall with meats, veggies, and a plethora of noodles. When I saw the sizes of these kids' bowls I half expected a Grill Gestapo to regulate on their asses, because it happened to me once. Hell no, not at Ruzhen's. If you can stack it on that bowl and not embarrass yourself with an avalanche of noodles, you are good to go. I piled on corn, jalapenos, water chest nuts, broccoli, etc, then topped it off with pints of steak sauce, teriyaki sauce, and chili sauce. My stack was only a foot tall because of my sheepish personality and ability to feed myself outside of on-campus-cardboard.

    After my food was fried up and ready to consume, Becky points me to a huge vat style rice cooker. It was like a witches cauldron of rice. So wait? You let me slam dunk a foot of Mongolian goodness then top it off with bottomless white rice? *Virtual hug to Ruzhen's*. I proceed to pile rice on top of my noodleamazing dish then alley-ooped more sauces on my rice. The place only charges 7.99, which may seems steep, but if you can get four damn good meals out of the 8 bucks... well you do the math. I'm sure some of those Ramen bred college kids make that meal go for almost a week.

Kudos kids, stay hungry!

The atmosphere was pretty cool too, the tables all reflected the Mongolian atmosphere and they had nice private two person booths with low light. So you can not only gorge yourself on amazing food, but can also gorge yourself on romance with the one you hold dear. Awwwww.

If you live around Seattle or plan on visiting, definitely stop by. Don't forget to check in on Facebook while you are there and throw em' some social network cred. 

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