Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Skyrim Addiction: Sleeping In

I am addicted to Skyrim. After my first hit I knew that was it. It is terrible. Every damn RPG that comes out I get addicted to. I guess addiction runs in my family.
Before Skyrim it was the Dragon Age games, before that is was World of Warcraft, even before that it was Diablo 2 and on and on. I like to think of myself as a FPS gamer who plays RPGs every once in a while. Now that I have admitted my problem I can see that I am RPG nerd. I am not the type that reads every last document of game lore. Shit, most of the time I skip through dialogue. I know I am a terrible nerd. There is just something about the game mechanics of RPGs that suck me in. The fact that I can tailor a character's skills and ass-kick-ability just floods my veins like heroin.

Since I am addicted to it I think I may blog about it. Maybe create a segment called Skyrim Addiction. Write about my adventures in the fake nerdtastic world of Skyrim mixed with how I deal with addiction in real life. They need to have a first world problem meme for me.

My first story is called Sleeping In. I am an early bird. Becky (co-blogger/wife) isn't. She could sleep until noon if I let her. Ever since I have been riding the Skyrim pony I have been letting her sleep in late. I wake up between 5:30 AM and 7:30 AM on most days. This means the more Becky sleeps the more I can play Skyrim without guilt. Plus she makes fun of me while I play! So this morning I woke up and started playing. Right now I am collecting all of the Daedric artifacts. The Daedric quest lines are off the chain, some of the best moments in Skyrim so far. So about 3 hours into my mini marathon (yup 3 hours isn't much) Becky wakes up. Shit. "Let me turn this last quest in," is something she has heard a lot in our many years we have been together. So Becky lays down on the couch waiting for me to finish and turn the PS3 off. I then tell her I woke up too early and want to lay back down. She lays down with me. In 15 minutes she is back to sleep and I am laying there thinking of Skyrim. So I get up an play some more. Sleeps until 11:30. Before Skyrim I would let her get to 10AM then I would open the bedroom door and make noise in the kitchen or just walk into the bedroom and wake her up. Now I just say "honey why don't you sleep in as long as you want," so I can play more. It is pathetic, but awesome at the same time.

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