Friday, January 27, 2012

Skyrim Addiction: Cooking Dinner


You know your addiction to Skyrim is bad when you base your cooking decisions on what is realistic to prepare during Skyrim load screens.

Most nights I cook dinner for my wife and I. With Skyrim I have been extremely creative on how I prepare these meals. I won't make a meal that requires a lot of preparation or constant attention, because I would have to pause or worse turn off the game to finish dinner. So I decided to only make meals I could prepare during load screens. If Skyrim has a lot of something, it is load screens. Finger foods a like French fries are the best. Just throw them in the oven then dial down the heat (so it takes longer to cook), then you get 45 minutes of uninterrupted Skyrim time. The system works too. Most addicts would just not make dinner or order pizza. This is my testament to being a function Skyrim'aholic.

On a side note I am done finding the Daedric artifacts and now wield the Mace of Molag! I also finished up the Companions, Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild quest lines. I enjoyed the Companions and the Dark Brotherhood, but the Thieves Guild quests lacked. I love the climax fight with Mercer, but bringing the Guild back to glory is terrible. You have to do at least five hours of side quests to become the guild leader. The side quests are repetitive and unimaginative. The only good thing about them is the cash, which quickly put me over 100k gold for a nifty achievement. 

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