Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Skyrim Addiction: Coming Down


Skyrim is now over. Yup. I did do most side quests, every guild/group quest-line, and (obviously) the main quests, as well as hit 100% trophies (achievements for you platform neutral folks).
Overall the experience was great, consuming, but great. The world was filled with wonder, dynamic characters, and constantly created geekcore excitement. The only thing that took me out of the world was the terrible FPS bugs that plagued the PS3 version of the game. It feels good to have experienced the game in one of the many capacities, but it also feels great to move on. To resist further addiction I may hold off on getting R.A. Salvatore's Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning. I need to be a little more productive in my personal life. After working my ass off through college I told myself it was time to relax for a few years and play a shit load of videos games. I think Skyrim has christened the end of this period in my life. It was a good way to go out. Time to get back into writing and making movies.
On a sad note my cat will no longer get to bond with me for hours. She usually migrates to my lap after 20 minutes of playing, then expects some obligatorily petting during load screens. Of course, I usually obliged. Now I will just have to swat her off of my keyboard and try to keep her tail out of the way when I am trying to type.

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